At Healthcare Medical Billing Solutions, we take pride in helping others take care of their patients' billing.  It brings us the utmost joy to see reimbursements "pouring in" because we understand that when you are correctly reimbursed for the services you provide, your employees and the community you service receive the best care.  Scroll down and meet our team.

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After successfully working in Broadcast Management for 17 years, Bonnie has now worked in the Medical Billing industry for over 25 years.  She is a high-energy, results-oriented professional and shares that positive energy with everyone she comes into contact with. Her goals include building and retaining high-performance teams by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals. As the owner of HMBS, LLC, she prides herself and her company for relentlessly working within compliance, the rate and speed of returns for reimbursements achieved for providers, and having the know-how to understand and resolve complicated matters.

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Chief Operating Officer

Dori worked with Wachovia, now Wells-Fargo,  for 5 years as an analyst creating loan documentation and ensured that state and government guidelines were adhered to prior to entering the Medical Billing field.  With now over 17 years of experience, she started out in an entry-level role calling on aged A/R reports, eventually obtaining her Professional Coder Certification.  Becoming a recognized subject matter expert, she led a team of 18 Medical Billers, Coders, and Filing Clerks.  Her dedication to compliance and maximizing reimbursements has been evident when she fought on behalf of a provider and appealed to an Administrative Law Judge for Medicare and had the denial overturned.

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Director of Billing / Correspondence

With over 23 years of experience in all aspects of Medical Billing, Sugan manages all Billing staff that includes assistant managers, supervisors, certified coders and billers to ensure the highest allowable reimbursement for our clients.  She is an influential member of our compliance committee to safeguard that our staff is current with corporate and regulatory compliance guidelines.  She also assists the Training department in the education and Training of Medical Billing resources.   She is responsible for our monthly client reports and presentations and she interacts with the clients to assist them in implementing billing and coding updates and provider training to the staff, to ensure a seamless provider relationship.

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Director of Marketing & Communications

Passionate about marketing, communications, and customer service, Michael has 15 years of experience strengthening companies through brand loyalty and content marketing campaigns.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Communication Systems Technology from NC Agricultural & Technical State University.  Upon receiving his Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Marylhurst University in 2013, he began to align himself with companies whose core-values focused on employees, and the people they served, through engagement satisfaction.



Billing/Correspondence Account Executive

Raju worked in finance at the Dhulikhel  Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital in Nepal, for 11 years and managed vendor accounts and accounts receivables.  His experience includes finance accounting/auditing that researched bank reconciliation and accounts payable/receivable reports.  In addition, he oversaw the individual and group donor funds.  He obtained his eMBA from Pokhara University in Nepal in 2008.  He currently corresponds with the insurance companies for denial of claims and performs A/R follow-up for multiple companies partnered with HMBS Billing.