Our Services

At HMBS, LLC, we take great pride in partnering with our clients to ensure that all of their past billing submissions have been reviewed and reimbursed at the maximum amounts and in compliance.  In addition, we help you with getting contracted with payors in your area and that all providers in your practice or facility are credentialled.


We partner with you to identify areas of your aged billing that did not payout fully, address the root cause of billing issues, and look for ways to maximize and expedite reimbursements to ensure your practice complies with timely filing. 

A/R Review

When auditing your A/R, we take an in-depth look at your revenue cycle, billing and correspondence workflow and inefficiencies of the provider’s billing practices and reimbursements.  This service identifies coding and compliance errors and includes an AR Review. 


We assist you with getting contracted with payors and payor networks that you can then retain over the duration of your practice.

Contracting / Credentialing

We assist in attaching providers to both facilities and payors.

Backend A/R

For doctors offices that have a limited staff, we offer an on-going back-end office service that focuses on claim denials and following up on aged accounts receivables.


This service retrieves money for providers that may or may not realize it was owed to them. Once the AR Review or Audit has been completed and unclaimed reimbursements have been identified, HMBS, LLC. will then actively go after those reimbursements.  

AR Clean-Up

Being in the Medical Billing industry for over 20 years, we have collaborated with and audited some of the most highly recommended companies for billing.  We are proud to offer billing services built around our core customer values of integrity, accuracy and speed to fulfill your billing needs.