About Us


Bonnie entered the Medical Billing industry in 1995 where she first worked with a medical billing company marketing their services nationwide.  While working with providers, she realized the business model of billing companies did not allow the provider to have access to their money directly.  Coming to the realization that she enjoyed the industry, she took it upon herself to learn all there was about billing and compliance.  She eventually earned the trust of providers and decided to branch out in 1998 with a partner.  The company grew and had gained a reputation for billing accuracy, speed and working in compliance.  In 2002, she brought her daughter, Dorianne "Dori", in the business who learned everything she could about the industry.  Dori, along with Bonnie, are two of the most sought after professionals for Medical Billing, AR Review, Medical Audits, Contracting and Credentialing.  Bonnie eventually decided that she wanted to own the business outright, and incorporated Healthcare Medical Billing Solutions (HMBS) in 2015.  Since, the company has done, in some cases, the impossible with cleaning up medical accounts receivable (AR) for companies and making them profitable. In addition to completing billing projects quickly, accurately and in compliance, HMBS is known for maximizing reimbursements and finding reimbursements that were not paid by the payors.